Training and Consultancy for Professionals

The following organisations offer consultancy and training for professionals and both involve the expertise of Phil Christie and Ruth Fidler.

Autism Associates

Complex autism, interactive approaches and emotional well being

Alternatively you may like some one to one support either via the telephone or email.  The PDA Society offer this service through their enquiry line.

The following services offer parent workshops, training and conferences. Many of these are also open to professionals and some events may be specifically for professionals but you would need to contact them directly to find out any details of forthcoming events.

The National Autistic Society

One Stop Shop – Lanarkshire

There is also a facebook support group for professionals, although I do understand that many professionals are unable to access facebook due to issues with confidentiality.

Facebook, PDA – Professionals

For more information about PDA please visit The PDA Society and The PDA Resource


About janesherwin

I am the parent of a child diagnosed with Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome. My hopes and aims are to raise awareness of this complex Autism Spectrum Condition presentation.
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